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Title: Magpie Murders   |   Author: Anthony Horowitz   |   ISBN-10: 1409158381

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Date Published: Oct, 2016    |   Type of Thriller: Crime (British Mystery & Detective)

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This Week’s Best Selling Thriller, Magpie Murders Comes From Anthony Horowitz, who wrote his first book at just ten years old, while being stuck in a dreary London boarding school. I found I could relate to how Horowitz saw reading and writing as a lifeline in such a miserable place- his only lifeline.

Mr Horowitz says,

‘Every time I write a new book, I have the same sense of urgency that I had then. I knew without any doubt that I would be an author. Perhaps it helped that I wasn’t much good at anything else.’

Now, I’ve read some of Horowitz’s earlier stuff and I have to admit I got hooked. His use of language paints vivid images in your mind, driving home the very essence of fear that leaves us wailing for our mothers.

I’m intrigued to read this wonderful tale mentioned above, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for another thriller review.


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