The Art of Fully Living (The Book That Changed My Life) ~ Review

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The Art of Fully Living, by Tal Gur
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be truly happy?

I guess many of us have. We’ve imagined every one of our childhood dreams coming true at some point or another, but what if our ability to achieve these dreams is closer than we think.

Celebrating 2 Years of Book Reviews (Thriller Thursday)

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Hey there you beauteous bookworms.
How are you this fine morning? I’m excited to be celebrating this week: it’s been two years since I first began reviewing books and I couldn’t be happier.

Fantastical Friday

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Welcome to Another Fantastical Friday. Fantastical Friday  ~ An all new Fantasy Review.
The Unborn Hero of Dragon Village.

Review: Neverwhere (Guest Post)

Neverwhere is set in the often overwhelming city of London where I live. However, the book opens the door to a mysterious and hidden part of the city’s life I have never seen but can well imagine exists! The fantasy story began as a 1990s TV series written by The Sandman comic author Neil Gaiman. This interested me as these things usually happen the other way round.

Heaven Before Hell: A Quirky Zombie Tale

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Heaven Before Hell, by Dia Cole BUY IT NOW 21 year old Lee Walker ‘knows all too well, the pain of losing loved ones.’ With a tragic past and equally uncertain future, her chances of surviving a viral outbreak are…

Death Speaks: Urban Fantasy You’ll Crave

Death Speaks, by E. J. Bennett [Read in 1-2 sittings. Amazing.]   Hey there buzzing bookworms. How are we all today? ^_^ I recently noticed that the comment box had disappeared from my feed, so I’m working to correct that…