The Origin of Werewolves (Mythological Monday)

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Mythological Monday is Back!
Today’s Question: Where did the legend of the Werewolf come from?

Siren Saturday

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What is Siren Saturday?

Siren Saturday is our new Saturday feature post, where we’ll be showcasing books that are soon to be released. Discover your next favourite read here.

Sonya Kudei: The Black Queen, An Unlikely Literary Inspiration (Guest Post)

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After our wonderful interview with author Sonya Kudei this past week, I’m excited to share a guest post from the talented author herself.

An unlikely literary inspiration: the Black Queen – historical villain, local myth, childhood bogey man.

Sonya Kudei (Writer Wednesday)

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Good Day Buzzing Bookworms.

It’s an honour to introduce you to a phenomenal Sci-Fi / Fantasy author, Sonya Kudei.

The Origin of Vampires (Mythological Monday)

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Bram Stoker crafted his legendary Dracula in 1987.

Ever since then, authors and directors alike have tried to recreate the Vampire legend in a variety of ways.

Mr Peacock’s Possessions

Set on a stunning desert Island Mr Peacock’s Possessions is a beautifully imagined novel about possession, power and loss of innocence. The novel is also loosely based on the incredible true story of one of the author’s ancestors, Tom Bell, who settled an uninhabited pacific island with his family in 1878 and lived there for 30 years.