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Of Flesh & Fire, by Tuesday Cross (A Fantasy Review)

‘I’m a twenty three year old sacrifice, and he’s a two thousand year old vampire.’

Good afternoon fellow booklovers,
Today’s review is for a book I absolutely adore- Of Flesh and Fire, by Tuesday cross.

When a young girl is discovered, unscathed, in a burnt down orphanage, she is whisked away to a land of magic, where she is to attend University. She soon learns that she is part of an ancient prophecy between dragon and vampire kind,where her true name, Nyminia originated, and soon falls into an unconventional romance with a two thousand year old vampire veteran, Marcus.

vampire,of flesh and fire,dragon,mage
I came to love Nyminia’s character for she is brave, headstrong, and of high intelligence, all qualities that I admire. I shared in every one of her victories and losses, as though I were actually part of her personal journey.

Her unusual appearance captivated me: hair as white as snow, pale skin, and with stunning violet eyes that scream unique beauty. As for her personality, Nyminia possesses the naivety of youth, but simultaneously boasts the wisdom of a century’s old being alongside a sarcastic sense of humor.

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Nyminia’s blossoming romance with Marcus, a gentlemanly vampire and mage, was beautifully developed and had my heart thudding within my chest.


Another loveable character comes in the form of Rowan, not another vampire, but a young werewolf girl and Nyminia’s first and best friend at RBU. We instantly see the pair form a tight bond and sense that Nyminia loves her dearly from day one of their meeting- ‘How could anyone be so instantly likeable?’ Rowan’s bubbly and adorable personality contrast strongly with Marcus’s dark and somewhat brooding nature, though both characters are steadfast in their loyalty to Nyminia and do anything they can to protect her from harm.

I loved the author’s personable style and conversational tone as it made this book easy to dive into, with characters I could relate to on a deeper level. I loved how dramatic the storyline was and believe I’ve found a new favourite author.

vampire,dragon,of flesh and fire


I now leave you with one last quote from the Headmistress of RBU. The quote is taken from near the start of the novel when the prophecy concerning Nyminia is first mentioned.

‘Our universe was born from fire, and by fire- all things must end.’

This quote instantly reminded me of how quickly the world around us can change and how the natural circle of life functions in the daily progression of our lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend that you give it a read.

I’m rating it as 5 stars.
Recommended for lovers of fantasy and folklore.


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Disgusting Angel Smile (A Dark Short Story Review)

Good morning you b-e-a-utiful bookworms!
How are we all doing today?

Today’s post is another review, but this time for a dark short story, told by Mr Keishi Ando who was born in Japan. I found Ando’s style to be unique- a style that has you thinking deeply from the moment your eyes scan that first page.

So, without further ado, may I present my review for Disgusting Angel Smile.

angel smile.jpg
In Disgusting Angel Smile, a dark short story following the daily life of a young child, we experience the supernatural possession of two mysterious plush toys. The aforementioned toys, an angel and a devil, are found one day in a toilet with the angel oddly being the toy the child hates. They say that its smile is disgusting and indeed, the angel’s smile seems to show at the most inopportune moments, making for a rather creepy appearance in general.

Bullied at school and at home (in a way), the devil and angel are the child’s only two companions, but even the angel with its disgusting smile seems to silently mock the young child. It is my thought that perhaps the child feels more at home with the devil because their world is a dark and unforgiving one, whereas the angel would be associated with goodness and light (normally.) But what of the angel’s gruesome smile? Is that also a testament to just how bad the child’s life has become, how hopeless and devoid of love and compassion their world is for one so young?

keishi ando.jpg
The author’s work has a poetic quality to it, not so much in the pacing of the story or in the words used, but in the very core of its being with the idea that something usually so pure such as an angel can be a glaring reminder of one’s constant despair.

Keishi Ando has an extraordinary mind and unique ideas, weaving his tales with his intense passion for the craft.

I would recommend this short story to lovers of dark fantasy, horror- heck, anything dark!


Rated 4 stars.

Keishi Ando was born at the edge of Tokyo, Japan, where he mainly writes romance and dark fantasy pieces. If you’d like to check out some of his work, you can find him here (please see link below.)

Interested in reading Disgusting Angel Smile for yourself?


Did you enjoy my review?
Feel free to comment your thoughts below.





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Bound by Steel, by Connie Lafortune (Action-Romance Review)

‘Bound by Steel enveloped me in a world of intense, raw emotional need.’
(Daccari Buchelli.)

Told in rare second person perspective, Bound by Steel tells the tale of Alpha-type secret military operative, Ryker Steel, and Lyra- a book-loving young woman whom Ryker saves when Lyra crashes her car near his top-secret cabin.

As I read past Ryker and Lyra’s initial encounter, I saw a natural chemistry start to develop between the pair. It was as though they already knew each-other and this feeling persisted, if not increased as time went on.

Abject loneliness sparks an intense connection between the pair, leaving them at the mercy of their own emotions. I found it easy to relate to Lyra’s character with her intense interest in books, and the arts in general. However, I found it hard to share in Ryker’s profound sense of pain, considering the tragic past he has lived through.
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What I did find refreshing was Ryker’s growing emotional sensitivity throughout the novel. Whereas most Alpha-male characters seem like the rest, locking down any emotion and only lusting after women and power (makes for rather one-dimensional male characters in my opinion), Ryker Steel has a softer side, which he buries three years prior to the start of the story’s events.

This man has witnessed some truly tragic events.

This book was a refreshing change from the novels I usually find myself reading.
Not just another Alpha story, but a complex narrative that deals in themes of
love, loss, and personal sacrifice.

My rating? 5 Stars!
Recommended reading age: 16-18 and up.

Recommended for lovers of romance, action/thrillers, and light-erotica.


Thank you for reading my review of Bound by Steel.
I hope you have a good week.

~ Mr D. Buchelli.