The Origin of Werewolves (Mythological Monday)

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Mythological Monday is Back!
Today’s Question: Where did the legend of the Werewolf come from?

FORESIGHT (Thriller Excerpt ~ Snippet Sunday)

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Welcome bookworms, to another scintillating Snippet Sunday.

QOTD: What was your most recent heart-wrenching read?

Celebrating 2 Years of Book Reviews (Thriller Thursday)

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Hey there you beauteous bookworms.
How are you this fine morning? I’m excited to be celebrating this week: it’s been two years since I first began reviewing books and I couldn’t be happier.

The Origin of Vampires (Mythological Monday)

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Bram Stoker crafted his legendary Dracula in 1987.

Ever since then, authors and directors alike have tried to recreate the Vampire legend in a variety of ways.

Foresight: A YA Thriller (Snippet Sunday)

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Roll up, Roll up, for Snippet Sunday! Keep Your Eyes Peeled and Your Senses Sharp. Dive into the Stress-Induced Coma that is Evylia Wilde’s Life.

Thriller Thursday

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Welcome back to Thriller Thursdays How are you, my fellow book nerds? I’ve been itching to write this review for days and am so happy that I’ve finally had time to get around to it. Madam Tulip and The Bones…