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Why I’m A Reader: Book Tag Tuesday

Hey hey, fellow bookworms.

Welcome, to Book Tag Tuesday.

book tag,books,tuesday,weekly,feature,new,book blogger,literature

Welcome to the Why I’m A Reader Book Tag


I couldn’t resist this book tag when I saw it on
I just HAD to answer these questions as reading has always been a big part of my life.


  1. Choose one word to describe yourself as a reader.Curious.pexels-photo-236630
    For as long as I have been alive, I had always been curious. As a child, anything new or unfamiliar would warrant undue attention from me. I wanted to know how this new thing worked, what it’s purpose was, and I guess I’m just as curious when it comes to literature.Story-tellers have a way of snatching up our attention and holding us hostage in their fictional prisons. Each new world and cast of characters promises us, as readers, a new start in life, even if it is only a dream that we see through another’s eyes.

  2. What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?Unknown Picture Book that Explained the Four Seasons to Kids.pexels-photo-992734

    It wasn’t language that first grabbed my attention when I read a book. It was the illustrations. The first book I can remember reading lived in an old book basket. It had a detailed illustration of an oak tree on the cover and boasted drawings of various woodland creatures.I believe this is where my love of nature originated. Not only did the detailed sketch-work draw me into the magical world of literature, but it also instilled a crucial realisation in me- that nature is to be properly cared for, and in turn, it takes care of us.

  3. Hardback or Paperback?Hmm, if I had to choose one, I’d say Paperback.pexels-photo-1002655

    Hardbacks have personally frustrated me since I first owed one, with the dust jacket drooping down around the book (they were always so loose when I was a kid. It’s been so long since I’ve owned one that I don’t know if dust covers are any tighter in this day and age), for me to have to push the jacket back up every few minutes.

    Grr. xD

  4. How has reading shaped your identity?Reading instilled the belief that we should protect nature and our planet in generalas everything we have, we owe to the planet- from its iron and copper ore, to its water, earth, oxygen, animals, and plants. We are all connected and my first book helped me to see that from an early age.Earth Day,environment,causes,nature,daccari buchelli,fantasy books 411, green

    As I grew up, I realized I wasn’t like the other kids I met, but it’s okay- now I know why. I am Autistic (Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is still diagnosed in the uk) and have never strongly related to either boys or girls. This left me with a rather unique psychology, where I feel simultaneously both female and male, with the majority of my mind working as a male’s would.

    During puberty, I found it difficult to make friends. I just didn’t know how to start a conversation, let alone how to carry it on. I couldn’t read expressions or body language until I had my first real relationship. Until then, all I could do was analyse what I observed in books or films, to develop a deeper understanding of my emotions and mind.

    I owe literature a great deal and can never thank this world enough that books exist.

  5. What book do you read when you want to be comforted?Wizard’s First Rule, by Terry Goodkind.terry goodkind,wizards first rule,book blogger

    When I was nineteen, a good friend of mine lent me the first three books from The Sword of Truth Epic Fantasy Series. As soon as I turned the first page, I was smitten. Goodkind’s way with words literally had me spellbound. Only Terry Goodkind and Garth Nix have been able to instill such an intense sense of wonder in me.

  6. Who influenced you or taught you to be a reader?I Taught

    Although I remember brief occasions where my mother urged me to read, I mostly remember teaching myself. Art caught my eye at the age of two and ever since, we’ve been inseparable. The illustrations in my first books paved the way for my interest in language and literature as beautifully-crafted sentences accompanied the sketch-work.

  7. Describe your dream reading lounge.Books! Books, EVERYWHERE!!belle,Disney,beauty and the beast,literature,books,libraries,book bloggers,blog

    Just Look At Belle’s Expression.

    My dream reading lounge would be identical to Belle’s Library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It was the first film I went to see in the cinema, back when I was just two years old. The grand scale of the library, it’s ornate style, and mountains of books had me captivated.



  8. What book changed the way you saw the world?Weaveworld, by Clive Barker.weaveworld.jpg

    Although a long and somewhat tedious book, I really enjoyed Weaveworld. Its level of imagination far exceeded my expectations. The descriptions of Weaveworld are bursting with colour and life, while the Human world is painted as a bleak, grey swirl of normality. I could relate to this view of the world (and still can, at times) as I often felt sad and somewhat lonely as a child.

    But, reading brought me hope, that one day I’d meet others that love books as much as I do.

    And I did.


    Thank you for reading.
    I hope you enjoyed my Why I’m A Reader Tag.

    Why not give it a go yourself?
    Be sure to link your posts in the comments below.

    Happy Reading,


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