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I’m a keen lover of the Fantasy and Thriller, so guess
where my overactive imagination led me as a child?

I am proud to have featured my writing in this wonderful Fantasy & Paranormal Anthology.

Journey into a world of darkness, infused with magic. From six daring authors comes a thrilling sample anthology that will leave you breathless.
From Fantasy to the Paranormal, we bring you tales that will enchant and mystify.

This collection is Perma-Free on Amazon.

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I’ve just finished the revised edition of Phoenix, part one of a scheduled four book Fantasy series and am currently in the process of editing its sequel, SYMBIOTE, which is due out around November-December.


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Join Violetta Flame in her fierce journey to keep peace between the four Realms of Peradon. When her daughter Elinor goes missing, a striking clue will make itself known and bring fear to all of Peradon.

Read the First Few Chapters on Wattpad

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